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beyonlab adjustable pipette. Model INO-100
Adjustable InnoPette™
Model: INO-100
Volume: 10~100ul
Random Error: 1.5~0.3
Systematic Error: 5.0~1
Cat. Number: P0101005
Product Description  


Magnetic Assistance

A magnet reduces the need for a large weight difference between the aspiration and blowout springs. Both springs are therefore significantly lighter in the InnoPette™ models. 


More Consistent Sample Pickup

BeyonLab advanced magnetic system greatly improves pipetting accuracy and reproducibility in the InnoPette™ pipettes. The plunger glides smoothly at every setting, ensuring precise aspiration every time. 


No Heavy Springs

The magnetic system, low spring forces and low drag seals in the InnoPette™ models reduce the force required to push the plunger. 


Comfortable, Ergonomic Handle; Small, Lightweight, Rugged Body


The InnoPette™ pipettes are lightweight with a small handle and conveniently-placed finger hook. Made of high-density, chemical-resistant polymer, they wont crack or break even if dropped. 


Comfortable Finger Hook

The conveniently-placed finger hook allows the user to rest his hand and grip the pipette more lightly during use. The pipettes can be held in a variety of positions to further reduce repetitive strain.  


One-Handed Volume Adjustment

Simply turning the plunger allows the user to adjust volume using only one hand. The snag-proof design allows rapid adjustment even with gloves on. Easy-to-read dials show volume in microlitres, greatly reducing the chance of error. 


Volume Lock

A slight turn of the volume setting lock prevents accidental volume changes.  


Quick-Release Tip Ejector. Easy Maintenance





Innovative-Pip INO-100 Specifications

Tomos Permissible Maximum Errors

ISO 8655 Maximum Permissible Errors


Diamond Tips*

Part No.

Volume (μL)

Systematic Error (μL)

Random Error (μL)

Systematic Error (μL)

Random Error (μL)





+/- 0.80

< 0.15

+/- 0.80

< 0.30

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